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Astray style

Small groups rock!

We operate active travel holidays throughout the USA that are friendly, comfortable, and great value! Travelling in small groups (max 13 persons) is a time-honored way of getting up close and absorbing the spirit and culture of a country. It also allows flexibility to respond to specific interests and the will of the group—something impossible on larger tours.

The lonely road.

America, land of wide open spaces, practically beckons the restless to roam her highways on a road trip of discovery. We help you answer that call. All our tours are multi-week adventures that encompass a range of activities: big cities, national parks, small towns, and everywhere in between. All land transport is by climate-controlled private van.

Adventure is everywhere.

Live life to experience it. Be a participant not an observer. DO something! On all of our tours you can embrace the attitude of an independent traveller without the headaches of planning, driving, and logistics. Meet like-minded people from all over the world, make new friends, have fun.

My big fake ID.

No upper or lower age limits. However, it's way more fun if you are at least 21 years old on tours with good nightlife options. And no matter what your age, you must be fit enough to participate in the walks and activities. (Don't worry, on hiking days there are often several different options ranging from easy to strenuous to choose from.) Average age is mid-twenties.

Why Astray?

Timing is happiness.

All tours are run by an experienced tour leader, at an ideal time of the year to experience the destinations and activities included. We don't do endless year-round departures in all the fickle seasons, only to subject you to unbearable heat, incessant rain, or epic plagues of mosquitos.

Geography doesn't lie.

Distances in America are huge. Other tour companies promise to take you everywhere in a week because this sells more tours. What they don't say is that to go everywhere, you can be travelling for up to 6 hours each day. Not a lot of time left for enjoying the destinations, eh?

Breathe Deeply.

Relax. We include more multi-night stops and time in the places that matter. Get outside in the fresh air! Take plenty of time to hike. Wander around a city all afternoon. Our itineraries are lively but purposely avoid going everywhere... you will thank us!

Save money, do more.

Extra activities enhance any tour. Many activities you shouldn't miss are INCLUDED in the tour price. This ensures everyone a great time, and that you will enjoy the tour as designed. Ski resort passes? Check. Jeep tour of Monument Valley? Check. Swimming with manatees? It is all here.

All comfortable lodging.

Sleep in comfortable 2 star hotels most nights. Mix it up with shared cabins or holiday houses to add atmosphere and bring the group closer together. Very rarely we include a hostel or more unique accommodation: how about sleeping in a traditional Navajo Indian hogan? On whichever tour, you will be very satisfied with where you stay!

Experience the Great Outdoors!

Did we mention adventure? A few of our tours may have a camping night or two. Camping nights are a special treat, not a budget option designed for saving money. We camp in areas of outstanding scenic value where no other practical accommodation exists, and provide all necessary equipment. First time camping? No problem.

Out on the town.

Desirable location? We strive to stay where the action is! Instead of driving you in and out from some budget hotel on the periphery, we base ourselves where it matters. This important and oft-overlooked effort on our part gives you a way better experience. In San Francisco and LA we know you want to stay downtown or at the beach, not next to the airport!

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Guide Bio

Bio Pic - Jay Nelson

Jay Nelson

Your American tour leader, Mr. Jay Nelson, has been travelling and hiking in the western USA since he was a teenager, with the last eight of those years spent running small-group adventure tours.

Prior to operating tours, Jay worked for the US Bureau of Land Management on natural resource issues and as a snowsports instructor at California's Lake Tahoe. Jay holds a BA in Geography and a MSc in Quaternary Science from the University of London.

After contemplating other careers, he realized there is nothing more rewarding than showing off the spectacular scenery and secrets of America's wilderness areas or partying in Las Vegas with fun international people from all over the world and getting paid for it!