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Northwest Twilight


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Northwest Twilight Overview

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A Northwest smörgåsbord of off-beat and awe inspiring destinations that takes in parts of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Hike in the primaeval forests surrounding Mount Rainier, a massive volcano which dominates the horizon. Check out Hood River City, a wind surfing mecca, before a road trip east to the remote Wallowas Mountains and on into the wilds of northern Idaho! Discover North Cascades National Park, a mostly roadless wilderness populated by glaciers and mountain goats, perfect for experiencing solitude and nature. Finally, explore the Olympic Peninsula’s lush temperate rainforests dripping moss, every shade of green. This is Twilight Country! Visit the small towns of Forks and La Push, where Stephanie Meyer’s novels are set, before our return to Seattle.

DAY 1: Seattle.

Arrive any time. HOTEL: Seattle, WA

DAY 2: Mt. Rainier National Park.

Tour starts. Drive to Mt. Rainier for hiking. HOTEL: Packwood, WA

DAY 3: Mt. Rainier National Park.

Full day hike in Mt. Rainier National Park. HOTEL: Packwood, WA

DAY 4: Hood River City.

Drive winding forest roads and along the Columbia River. HOTEL: Hood River City, OR

DAY 5: Eastern Oregon.

Visit Pendelton and Joesph in remote Eastern Oregon. HOTEL: Joesph, OR

DAY 6: Wallowa Mountains.

Hiking in the "Alps" of Eastern Oregon. HOTEL: Joesph, OR

DAY 7: Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area.

View Hell's Canyon on a spectacular drive into Idaho. HOTEL: Riggins, ID or McCall, ID

DAY 8: Western Idaho.

Traverse western Idaho as we head north to the resort city of Coeur d'Alene. HOTEL: Coeur d'Alene, ID

DAY 9: Eastern Washington.

Head back west across eastern Washington. HOTEL: Mazama, WA

DAY 10: North Cascades National Park.

Full day hiking/exploring in the North Cascades. CABINS: North Cascades National Park, WA

DAY 11: North Cascades National Park.

Full day hiking/exploring in the North Cascades. CABINS: North Cascades National Park, WA

DAY 12: Olympic National Park.

Visit the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula. HOTEL: Port Angeles, WA

DAY 13: Olympic National Park.

Twighlight Country! Visit the Pacific Coast of the Olympic Peninsula. HOTEL: Port Angeles, WA

DAY 14: Seattle.

Return to Seattle via ferry, with time for a city tour. End of tour. HOTEL: Seattle, WA

Summer 2013:  13 days / 14 nights

DAY 1:


Arrive in the Northwest’s biggest city.

DAY 2-3:

Mount Rainier National Park.

Mount Rainier National Park. Pass through primaeval forests along the way to Mount Rainier, a massive dormant volcano and top nature destination, for hiking and sightseeing.

DAY 4:

Hood River City.

Winding forest roads lead down to Hood River on the Columbia River Gorge. Consistently windy, this is one of the premier windsurfing spots in North America.

DAY 5-6:

Columbia River Gorge / Wallowa Mountains.

Visit historic Pendleton, home of the famous Pendleton Woollen Mills in eastern Oregon, en route to the Wallowa Mountains. A full day to hike one of the longer trails here in some of the nicest alpine scenery east of the Cascades. Mountain goats and wolves call these mountains home.

DAY 7-8:

Northern Idaho.

An awesome scenic drive into rugged northern Idaho, with breathtaking views of Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area and small mountain towns. Enjoy the lively little city of Coeur d’Alene on Saturday night.

DAY 9-11:

North Cascades National Park.

Encounter one of America’s least visited and most remote national parks: North Cascades National Park, much of it roadless wilderness. The only grizzly bears in the state of Washington live here. Two full days exploring some of North Cascades’ hidden delights. Chill out near Ross Lake and hire a boat (optional).

DAY 12-13:

Olympic National Park & the Olympic Peninsula.

Cross the Puget Sound to the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park, a temperate rainforest dripping with moss and the rainiest spot in the United States. Visit Forks, Washington and La Push on the Pacific Coast, famous for their association with the Twilight series.

DAY 14:


A ferry followed by a short drive returns us to Seattle where the tour concludes. Visit Pike’s Fish Market and see the sights!

What do I get for my money?

  • Included activities (see sidebar at right).
  • All ground transportation by climate-controlled van (maximum 13 persons).
  • Shared hotel accommodation (2+ stars) or cabins on all 14 nights.
  • Admission to all included national parks and recreation areas.
  • Services of an experienced tour leader.
  • Sandwich lunches on most days (excluding free days)

$2,500 USD   per person

Departure 1:

July 2013 calendar

  • JULY 13, 2013 (saturday night arrival in Seattle) to JULY 26, 2013 (trip ends on friday in Seattle.)


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Northwest Twilight Ranking Index

departure #1

  • JULY 13, 2013 (saturday night arrival in Seattle) to JULY 26, 2013 (trip ends on friday in Seattle.)

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Northwest Twilight Itinerary Map

travel style

  • age range: 18+
  • accommodation: 12 nights hotels, 2 nights cabins
  • group size: maximum 13 persons

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optional activities

  • Ross Lake boat rental

major cities

  • Seattle, Washington

cultural heritage

  • Cattle Country & woollen mills of Pendelton, Oregon
  • Twilight Country of La Push & Forks, Washington

national parks

  • Mount Rainier National Park
  • North Cascades National Park
  • Olympic National Park

national forests & recreation areas

  • Wallowa Mountains, Washington
  • Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area